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ASP.NET Development Services

ASP.NET Development Services

The AssureSoft .NET development team has developed many different web applications with the ASP.NET platform. Our extensive expertise allows us to reduce the difficulties in developing web application by creating new solutions for our customers that take advantage of the powerful features of the ASP.NET web development framework.

All ASP.NET applications developed by our team closely follow client requirements using industry best practices and design patterns. All work is driven by tight project management that follows a development process based on MSF Agile.

Our ASP.NET development services include:

  • ASP.NET web applications development
  • ASP. NET based Mobile web development
  • ASP.NET web services development
  • ASP.NET consulting
  • Application migration to .NET (from ASP to ASP.NET)

ASP.NET Technologies

In the majority of the projects, the preferred pattern for the user interface is the Model – View – Presenter which allows us to organize the code, improve its maintainability and optimize development team collaboration. The view layer is implemented by ASP.NET pages, HTML, JavaScript, and AJAX controls which improve user experience.

Applications that are data driven are implemented with a Data Access layer which separates the data access management from the rest of the application. Typically the data access layer is represented using an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) library which allows persistence of the data model to a relational repository. However, it is possible to use any other custom data access library or architecture to meet your specific needs.

The pattern we typically use for the data access layer is the Repository pattern, which creates a special class for each entity of the application that has its data stored in the database. Common data access issues are taken into account by our solutions, such as pagination, transactions, reliability, performance, caching, and persistence.

The application logic is separated from the rest of the code using the best practices for each problem to be solved. Whenever possible, we utilize existing application blocks that have already been created and tested for common problems in the industry. Business solutions are developed using object oriented paradigms and are designed to be easy to change and maintain. Decoupling allows objects to be re-used and easier for other developers to understand and maintain applications. These solutions can also function as services to other applications using technologies like the ASP.NET web services (asmx files), Web Service Enhancements or Windows Communication Foundation.

Our applications can use ASP.NET as a part of a Service Oriented Architecture. ASP.NET provides the user interface and the web services. The Business logic is written in any .NET language and processes the data from the Data Access layer. Our solutions implement all transversal layers that instrument the application with the correct use of logging, exception handling, tracing and communication between layers.

Our extensive experience and successful track record developing ASP.NET applications let us unequivocally state that our mature development process and expertise in ASP.NET allows us to propose and implement the highest quality enterprise-class solutions for any customer's needs and requirements.

Contact us today to see how we can help you create the perfect ASP.NET application for your business.