Java Enterprise Development Services

The Java platform offers a rich stack of technologies oriented to build robust, solid, scalable and portable applications. We believe that reliable solutions depend not only on experience and hard work, but also on using best of breed software frameworks and tools. Therefore, our team relies on technologies such as Spring, Struts, Apache Lucene/Solr, JBoss AS, Hibernate, Hibernate Search, Seam, GWT and JEE technologies like JSP/Servlets, JSF (Java Server Faces), JPA, EJB, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, CDI and JMS to support the persistence, business and view layers. These technologies have been proven to be very reliable in production environments that serve hundreds or thousands of users, without compromising the overall performance of an application.

On the view layer, our team has many years of experience building rich interfaces with JSP, JSF, GWT, JavaFX and Velocity among others. JavaServer Faces (JSF) are used to create dynamically generated web pages with HTML, XML, JSON, or other document types as a response to requests. JavaServer Faces technology allows us to promote the use of standard UI components with AJAX support and tools without limiting development to specific mark-up languages, or target devices. Velocity is one of the most popular templating engines for Java, offering a clear separation between the view and the rest of the application layers, thus providing a set of elements with simple syntax that allows web designers to display content properly while Java developers focus on the overall logic of the application.

Enterprise applications need fast and reliable responses to map and persist data. JPA and Hibernate are ORM (Object/Relational Mapping) frameworks that provide tools to handle all relational database operations on the application’s data through an object oriented approach.

Hibernate is a full object relational mapping tool that focuses on productivity, maintainability, performance, and DBMS vendor Independence. Hibernate promotes a level of automated persistence improving developer’s productivity allowing them to invest more time on the business logic and general optimizations. Also, for a more standard approach we can use the Java Persistence API (JPA), which is a POJO (Plain Old Java Object) persistence API for object/relational mapping. It contains a full object/relational mapping specification, supporting the use of the Java language metadata annotations and/or XML descriptors to define the mapping between Java objects and a relational database.

Apache Lucene/Solr along with Hibernate Search enables a powerful and scalable information retrieval and full text search services that may extent even over domain model entities with minor development effort.

Seam and Context and Dependency Injection (CDI) provides a set of services that eases integration of JEE components like servlets, enterprise java beans and JavaBeans to unify and simplify the backend and frontend programming models that allows focusing efforts on business processes rather that in boiler plate development and maintenance.

JBoss AS is a JEE Application Server well recognized for its modularity, stability and scalability.

AssureSoft is well recognized for its expertise in Java Enterprise application development, if you would like to know more about our software development services please contact us for more information.