Java Desktop Development Services

There are several Java technologies available, but each project has its special needs. It is important to understand the kind of users the application will have, how it will be used, whether it will reside on an individual machine or a network, and what kind of user interface (GUI) the application should have, if there is any.

If you need to build a distributed application, our team has used RMI and/or WebServices extensively to invoke methods of remote Java objects from other Java virtual machines (JVMs), even on different hosts.

For the graphical user interface (GUI) our engineers use the Java Foundation classes/Swing (JFC/Swing), Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) API and the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT). The many classes and interfaces in the packages mentioned above allow you to easily create standard controls and other components. To speed up the development process our team of Java Developers use integrated development environments (IDE) such as NetBeans IDE and Eclipse IDE with the Visual Editor plug-in to create components in a timely matter.

If your application requires persistence, we can provide that using the JDBC API or standalone JPA. The JDBC API provides universal data access from the Java programming language, allowing access to virtually any data source, such as a relational database. We also use persistence frameworks like Hibernate, Toplink and Apache Cayenne.

All projects are optimized using a well elaborated architecture and the appropriate data structures. Additionally we use JUnit, error handling to guarantee the quality of our code.

AssureSoft has an extensive team of experienced Java Developers to build reliable solutions for you and your company. Please let us know your needs and we’ll be delighted to help you.