Why AssureSoft?

AssureSoft, Corp. is a US-based outsourcing company with offices in Silicon Valley, and Nearshore development centers in Bolivia. Doing business with AssureSoft is the same as with any other US-based company. We combine the advantages of Nearshore outsourcing with the convenience of conducting business under US law with US currency with AssureSoft employees here in the United States.

What sets us apart is:

The Nearshore Advantage
  • Closer proximity = Similar Time Zone, Culture and Mindset.
  • Uniquely suited to Agile development.
Our Reputation for Quality in our people, processes and products
  • Talented engineers with a mindset focused on quality.
  • Adherence to SQA processes and methods though the entire SDLC.
  • Products with fewer defects that meet business requirements and provide a good user experience with reliable, maintainable, and efficient code.
Our People
  • Experienced, passionate, hard-working, empowered, talented people (not "resources").
  • World class work environment with the best benefits amongst our peers enabling us to recruit (scale quickly) and retain the best with some of the lowest attrition rates in the industry.
  • Higher long-term productivity through a healthy work/life balance, team-building and recreational events, and open communication with employees.
  • Strong ties to the local universities and a challenging, continual learning environment in-house that fosters personal growth, innovation, and a long term career path.
  • Diverse talent pool of software developers and architects, QA and test engineers, UI and graphic designers, project and release managers, and business analysts.
  • Candidates go through a rigorous interview process to ensure technical competency and a philosophical fit with AssureSoft and it's corporate values.
  • As a U.S.-based company, all client agreements are U.S. contracts.
  • Your intellectual property is protected with documented, comprehensive levels of physical and information security.
  • Clients retain full ownership of all intellectual property and software source code.
  • Project teams are segregated in separate physical locations and work within a dedicated LAN segment.
  • All employees subject to strict IP Protection and Security Policy agreements and NDA's.
Transparency of Operations and Effective Communication
  • Cultural similarity and Western management style foster effective communication and collaboration, avoiding misunderstandings and reducing the time to reach conclusions.
  • All projects details are transparent to our clients - project plan, task assignments, and issues.
  • Provide regularly-updated information on the status of projects to ensure no issues are swept under the carpet and all stakeholders are kept aware of progress at all times.
Cost Advantages
  • We deliver all of the above at excellent rates.
  • Well-managed quality work, aligned with client requirements, done correctly the first time avoiding costly rework.
  • Top talent at competitive rates with less turnover and high productivity = Lower Total Cost.