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The Nearshore Advantage


Poor communication caused by language barriers or cultural differences can cause loss of valuable project development time and a mismatch of expectations and deliverables. For example, in America and Latin America, “yes” confirms agreement with what was spoken, while in many offshore locations, “yes” is often used to confirm an understanding of what the speaker said, but not necessarily agreement with the statement itself and its point or assertions. Accents, intonations and cultural differences can all impact the understanding of not just the words, but their underlying meaning and intent.

Further complicating the situation are cultural mindsets to never say "No" to a customer without at least trying once, and because the "Client is God", feeling compelled to accommodate an unreasonable delivery schedule or difficult task. Also, rather than expressing an inability to understand because it can be considered rude to question a client, there can be a tendency to for some offshore teams to solve problems amongst themselves, which can put delivery schedules at risk.

All AssureSoft staff is not just proficient in English, but culturally aligned allowing our clients to communicate their needs without concern about misunderstandings. “Yes” doesn’t just mean “I understand what you just said”, it also means “I agree and commit to what you said.” And we are not afraid to politely say "No" when the need arises. In addition, our US office provides local staff that oversees all engagements and has direct responsibility for customer relationships and the success of the project.

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